Buck Scents

Tinks Buck Lure

Tink's Trophy Buck Lure

Tink's Trophy Buck Lure is reinforced with tarsal gland and interdigital gland secretions. This rutting odor by Tinks Buck Lure induces a territorial challenge to a buck and provokes deer to seek out the intruder.

Use anytime as a general attractant and calming scent. 2 oz.

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Tink’s Power Buck

Tink's Power Buck

Tink’s Power Buck is a time tested controlled formulation to stimulate aggression in other bucks in the area. This aggression is a result of competition for the breeding rights in the area. Tink’s Power Buck can be used all season long.

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CodeBlue® Scrape Mate™ Deer Attractant

scrape mate

CodeBlue Scrape Mate is buck urine collected from a single buck and intensified with natural gland secretions. Pour Scrape Mate on deer scrapes and watch bucks go to town. 1 oz. bottle.

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Doc's Deer Farm Sweet Demise Aerosol Deer Attractant

Docs Deer Farm Seet Demise Deer Attractant

Doc's Deer Farm Sweet Demise is the only deer attractant specifically formulated to attract and keep does in the area. The sweet smell of Sweet Demise triggers a feeding response in the brains of deer and makes them want to come check it out. Aerosol spray.

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Team Fitzgerald Deer Dander™ Attractant

Fitzgerald Deer Dander

Totally unique, Deer Dander makes you smell like the deer you pursue. Fitzgerald Deer Dander effectively disguises your scent rather than trying to eliminate it. Spray it on your hands, clothing, tree stand, blind, and forget about the wind. Comes in a 4-oz. spray bottle.

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Code Red Buck Urine by Code Blue®

CodeRed Buck Urine

Premium urine from Code Blue's deer herd. Code Red Buck Urine is a fresh-blended formula produces effective, deer-beckoning scent at a great price.

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Border Crossing Scents Rutting Buck in a Stick™

Border Crossing Scents Buck In A Stick

Border Crossing Scents Buck in a Stick is collected from mature bucks in full rut. Effective for challenging the dominant buck in your area. Also attracts does coming into heat. No mess, spilling or leaking. 2 oz.

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