Deer Scent Strategies

hunting scent elimination
It may be nearly impossible to completely eliminate all human and foreign odors, but it is realistic to expect to reduce them significantly and that is very worthwhile goal. Hunter shown wearing Mathews Lost Camo.

Deer scents aren't a shortcut to trophy bucks. If you don't already possess solid woodsmanship skills and an understanding of deer behavior you are still going to struggle to fill tags whether or not you splash a little doe pee around your tree stand. However, for the deer hunter who already understands the fundamentals of successful deer hunting, deer scents offer another tool that will produce action under the right conditions. Using deer scents is like using a grunt call or rattling antlers. It doesn't work on every buck that come past, but when it does work it turns a long-range sighting into success faster than anything else in your bag of tricks.

A good deer scent strategy has three parts. Eliminate as much human odor as possible, cover up whatever is left and then use deer attractant scents to bring bucks closer or position them properly for the shot. Here’s how you can make the overall system work for you.

Hunting Scent Elimination Products

You are asking for the impossible if you expect to bring a buck in to a deer attractant scent if he also smells human odor. The strategy is simple: eliminate human scent first. Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That is exactly how you must think of scent elimination. Everything carried into the woods must be scent-free - not just you and your clothing. That means bows, tree stands, fanny packs - everything. This is a very important point but one that is often overlooked. How many people store their tree stands in their garage and then grab them to go out on a deer hunt? Way too many, I bet. The cushion on the tree stand is loaded with foreign odors that come out every time you move and every time the wind blows across it. The following products are important parts of your hunting scent elimination strategy.


  • Unscented Body Soaps

    - Shower as often as possible

  • Unscented Clothes Detergent

    - Wash outerwear once per week, put on fresh clean inner layers each day.

  • Scent-free Clothing Storage Bag

    - Clean clothes go in these bags, seperate ones for both inner and outwerwear.

  • Body Deodorant

    - applied after every shower.

  • Scent Elimination Sprays

    - these non-aerosol sprays should be sprayed on everything from boots to pants to hat rims in an effort to neutralize odor.

  • Activated Charcoal Clothing

    - if this clothing is in your budget, it's a great addition.

Deer Attractant Tips

Consider deer scents and deer attractants as a part of your overall game plan. You may go all season without seeing any evidence of their effectiveness, but when you catch the right buck at the right time with the right deer scent - you will be rewarded for all your effort.



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