Mock Scrapes

Wildlife Research Active Scrape

Wildlife Research Active Scrape Dripper Combo

This Wildlife Research Active Scrape and dripper scent keeps scent fresh and bucks nearby. The Ultimate Scrape Dripper is designed to drip scent only during the day to convince a wary buck that a doe favors the spot only during daylight hours. This unit is activated when daytime temperatures raise the volume of air, causing the unit to drip. It also shuts off at night or during rain, helping you to pattern a buck. Effective on natural and mock scrapes, the dripper will work for about one week on one ounce of scent. This combo includes a 4 oz. bottle of Ultimate Scrape Scent and Dripper from Wildlife Research.

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Tink's® Power Scrape

Tinks Power Scrape

Condition deer to return to your area by spraying this powerful synthetic buck lure over mock and natural scrapes. Tinks Power Scrape is reactivated by moisture. 16-oz. spray bottle.

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Scent Web™ Scrape Venom

Scent Web Scrape Venom

This is an environmentally-friendly spray string scented with doe-in-heat, tarsal and buck odors with 300% more scent than other scent products because of the surface area it covers when applied. Essentially Scent Web Scrape Venom is a scent, a wick and a dispersal system all in one. This spray can shoots scented web strings to distances up to 15 ft. away, helping you to apply scent to trails, scrape areas, trees or brush without getting near them and contaminating them with your scent. Also you don't have to deal with messy liquids, rags, cotton balls or scent hangers. Each can contains up to 300 ft. of web and fits easily into a coat pocket or hunting pack. The webbing remains active in producing scent until it dries, but once exposed to moisture the scent-producing properties reactivate. Over time, the webbing dissolves into the ground just like liquid lures and won't harm the environment.

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